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Dennis Leclair, Marriage and Personal Development Counsellor: Introduction







Dennis lives in Kelowna and is a Marriage/Relationship, Behaviour Management, Mental Health and Personal Development counselling specialist. He has been in private practice since 1993 and works with children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

During the development of his private practice, Dennis was a university and college professor/instructor in the areas of human development, behaviour management, counselling processes, mental health, special education, exceptionalities, learning theory and educational psychology.

Dennis has completed more than 1000 vocational-educational evaluations for insurance companies, lawyers, federal and provincial government service agencies, colleges, universities and private individuals. He has been accepted as an expert mediation resource.

Dennis' educational attainments include a B.A., a B.Ed., a Year Five Specialization and a Master's degree.

"Making Changes - To Change Your Life," is a philosophy that has special meaning to Dennis. The daily barriers and difficulties that life brings can significantly restrict opportunities to reach your potential, enjoy your life and realize your personal dreams and professional goals; dreams and goals that are equally important to children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

In his personal time, Dennis enjoys singing/songwriting, playing guitar, exercising, riding his Harley Davidson, and coordinating a fund raising music project for our Canadian Forces, their families and our Veterans. Read more about Dennis' Canadian Troops Project at




Marriage Counselling

Marriages can be saved with appropriate guidance and support and the commitment by the partners to improve the relationship. The marriage counselling sessions focus on understanding the reasons for the present behaviours and developing new communication and interaction strategies and patterns. These strategies and patterns are developed and practised under Dennis' guidance, allowing you to rekindle your relationship and increase your quality of life together.


Family Therapy

The family therapy sessions involve working with individuals and family members to assist with developing and understanding the reasons for behaviours and the dynamics of the family system and how each family member's actions affect the entire family. Strategies are developed and practised to assist with increasing positive interactions and level of family happiness.


Couples Counselling

Couples counselling will assist you with "recapturing" your positive relationship by understanding the reasons for behaviours and developing and implementing new and different communication and interaction techniques. These techniques are tailor made to meet your needs and combined with "guided practice" with Dennis to increase your opportunity for success.


Career Counselling

Many students attend post secondary programs that are not suitable, leading to no employment or underemployment, huge student loans and falling well below their potential. Similarly, many adults are in occupations where they are "spinning their wheels" and going nowhere.

The career counselling sessions will provide you with the opportunity to pursue education and employment that is suitable, appropriate and within your potential. Your aptitudes, abilities, interests, quality of life goals and marketable skills will be evaluated, then matched to careers that meet your needs. The career counselling process leads to increased levels of motivation and purpose, high levels of job satisfaction, increased levels of income and much lower education costs.


Grief and Loss

Unfortunately, we all experience grief and loss during our lives. At times these experiences are difficult to understand and may lead to emotions that can be overwhelming and disrupting our lives. Our work together will assist you with understanding grief and loss, making sense of life's tragedies and with developing appropriate coping strategies.


Anger Management

Difficulties in anger management can lead to issues that impact our relationships with our spouse, partner, children, employer, work peers and community members. Often, the reasons for the anger are not identified and treatment is not provided, and the inappropriate behaviours escalate. Our work together in counselling sessions will provide you with the knowledge to understand the reasons for anger, and to develop and practise strategies that will allow you to replace your angry responses with appropriate positive interactions.



Symptoms of depression can be debilitating in many areas of your life. Often activities that you once enjoyed lose their interest and you may feel hopeless and directionless. The counselling sessions will assist you with developing and reshaping your thoughts and perceptions and implementing techniques that often lead to increased levels of interest, motivation, purpose and levels of positive self image.


Anxiety and Stress Management

Anxiety and stress are normal parts of our daily lives, however, if levels of stress and anxiety are too high or unmanageable, we can experience significant difficulties. These difficulties include avoidance behaviours, physical illness, depression, being overwhelmed, withdrawal and related symptoms.

Anxiety and stress management counselling sessions will assist you with developing coping and management techniques. These strategies will greatly reduce your levels of anxiety and stress and increase your enjoyment of daily activities and your quality of life.


My counselling services regarding eating disorders, focuses on increasing the individuals understanding of the reasons for and the triggers associated with the behaviours. Based on this information, specialized management strategies are developed and practised, that increase appropriate behaviours, reduce negative symptoms and greatly increase quality of life.

Eating Disorders

My counselling services regarding eating disorders, focuses on increasing the individuals understanding of the reasons for and the triggers associated with the behaviours. Based on this information, specialized management strategies are developed in conjunction with consulting professionals including physicians and nutritionists. Dennis monitors and adjusts theses strategies, leading to increase appropriate behaviours, reduced negative symptoms and an increased quality of life.


Child and Adolescent Services

The counselling sessions involving children and adolescents focus on evaluation and assessment of the individual's social, emotional, physical, academic, learning, information processing and cognitive abilities. This information is often gathered through observation of the child in his/her learning environment, consultation with instructors, parents and teachers and formal assessment sessions. Parents are provided with information that will allow them to understand their child's learning style and reasons for their success or difficulties.

Specialized behaviour management and learning strategies are developed and training provided to parents that increases their child's opportunity for success.


To inquire about services please call 250 870 1618, or email at

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